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LLA Announcements

Save the Lake Day - June 4, 2016

by LLA Board on 06/02/16

Once again it time for the annual Lake Lillinonah Save The Lake Day!  Residents and those who utilize the lake are urged to give back by helping to maintain the shoreline and environment. Those willing to participate can meet at the Route 133 boat ramp in Bridgewater at 9:00AM.  Wear protective clothing and boots that work on wet shoreline.  The event is scheduled to start at 9:00AM and end around Noon when light refreshments will be served to the volunteers. If you happen to have a pontoon boat or vessel that can be used to transport trash or volunteers, please feel free to bring it along as we can use all the support you can provide.

Fall Lake Drawdown Nov 2nd - Nov 8th, 2015

by LLA Board on 09/25/15

Beginning on November 2, 2015 FirstLight will begin its annual drawdown of Lake Lillinonah at the Shepaug Dam to conduct maintenance and inspection activities.  The drawdown will lower lake levels to minimum pond levels for 7 days, returning to normal elevation on November 8, 2015.

Please note that this schedule may change at any time in order to deal with unexpected storm activity. We will make every effort to post any changes to the expected schedule or water levels as they are made known to us.




Possible high water advisory - Weekend of May 8th

by LLA Board on 05/08/15

Due continued work on the Lake Zoar dam, additional ponding may occur on Lake Lillinonah over the May 8th weekend causing the water level to be higher than normal. Higher water levels generally increase the amount of floating debris in the lake so caution should be exercised when using the lake for recreational purposes.

Save the Lake Day

by LLA Board on 05/08/15

From our friends at Friends of The Lake - It is that time of year again when they need your help with the annual 'Save the Lake Day' cleanup of Lake Lillinonah.

Volunteers, please gather at the route 133 boat launch in Bridgewater at 9AM on Saturday, May 30. You'll be transported around the lake to collect man-made debris from the shoreline.

If you can provide a pontoon boat, or other boat to transport people around the lake and retrieve folks with their collections, please contact FOTL by sending a note to info@friendsofthelake. 

2014 Fall Lake Drawdown Nov-10th to Nov-16th

by LLA Board on 10/14/14

The 2014 Fall lake drawdown will be held this year starting on November-10th and will run through to November-16th. The lake level will be dropped down to the 190' elevation line. 

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - Lake Lillinonah State Boat Launch

by LLA Board on 04/10/14

You are cordially invited to attend the official ribbon cutting ceremony at the newly renovated Lake Lillinonah State Boat Launch.  The event will take place on April 23, 2014 at 3pm.

Lake Lillinonah Boat Ramp - 199 Main Street South, Bridgewater CT

Fall Lake Drawdown Oct-30th to Nov-17

by LLA Board on 10/09/13

The 2013 Fall lake drawdown will be held this year starting on October-30th and will run through to November-17th. The lake level will be dropped down to the 186' elevation line. For boat owners that were not able to remove their boats before the state boat ramp at the Route-133 bridge was closed for renovations, Newtown Parks & Recreation has allowed local boat owners the use of the Newtown town ramp to remove their boats. This ramp is located at the end of Hanover Road in Newtown. The ramp is available only to REMOVE boats that are still in the water and will be open Saturday & Sunday for the last two weekends of October (10/19 and 10/26). Thanks to Amy and the town of Newtown for giving boat owners this option. Please note, if there are any issues or for some reason the gate is locked, please call the Lake Authority phone line at (203) 364-4002.

Danbury Wastewater Treatment Plant - Non Compliant Discharge Levels

by LLA Board on 03/13/13

The Danbury Wastewater Treatment Plant (DWTP) is planning to continue discharging phosphorus at non compliant levels into Limekiln Brook, the Still River and, ultimately, Lake Lillinonah for a new five year period. 

More information on this issue can be found here.

Shepaug Bald Eagle Observation Area

by LLA Board on 03/05/13

Come see the eagles soar this Winter! Once again the eagle observatory at the Shepaug Dam is open for reservations.

Shepaug Eagle View in Southbury, CT.

Learn more...

Fall Lake Drawdown Nov 3rd - Nov 11th, 2012

by LLA Board on 03/05/13

Beginning on November 3rd, 2012, FirstLight Power Resources is lowering the reservoir water level of the lake approximately 7 feet for regular annual maintenance. The water level is expected to return to its normal level on November 11th, 2012.

Please note that this schedule may change at any time in order to deal with recent storm activity.v

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